I guess you have come to this section, looking for information about “misteronüff”.

Well, I’ll tell you next who is behind all this and what ideas are created in this corner of the internet.

¿What is "misteronüff"?

Hello, my name is José Parra, and I am the founder of “misteronüff” a design studio based in Madrid.

I describe myself as passionate about design, the changes that new technologies bring us, and the growing interest that design is having in the area of business, helping us to innovate and reinvent companies. I understand design as an innovation tool, which solves real problems of people. And I think that the companies of the future will have to ask themselves what experiences and storytelling they designed to be more authentic. Technology will give us unimaginable opportunities, but design will provide these opportunities with meaning, focusing on the most important thing, PEOPLE. Humanizing technology to improve the lives of all of us.

If you believe that your company can innovate or improve your business through design, you are in the right place, because I can help you.

What I do

Throughout 20 years, I have helped entrepreneurs, startups, small and large companies, to improve their businesses using creativity and design. It is about creating positive experiences for people more than short-term business profitability.

The goal is to use design as a tool for long-term sustainable business growth. And for that, in a predominantly technological world, it is essential to focus with empathy on psychological and emotional needs. The important thing is the “why” and less the “what” or the “how”.

What I love

Above all, my family, travelling and improvise.
I love cars, planes and smiles.
I adore chocolate desserts and I practice archery.
I love think about ideas and concepts that many times nobody understands.
I like work with entrepreneurs, startups, small or large companies that consider design as an innovation tool, making their business more profitable. I love working with people and not for them, being part of the change without losing curiosity.

What I don’t do

Call my parents’ house enough. Sleep well. Snore.
Think that IKEA is a restaurant.
Believe in ghosts and talk about Game of Thrones.
Believe that a woman can’t be a better director than a man. Yes they Can!
I don’t think that Han Solo is Indiana Jones in his spare time.
I don’t like yell at a child.
Put butter on a toast after the jam.
I don’t think that Elvis has died and that ET went home …
I firmly believe that they are in Ibiza.

What I don’t want

I hate eating in a hurry and alone.
Please, another Spiderman movie, NO.
Dance a lot and listen to bad music.
Talk about Game of Thrones. Even in the jungle, everybody talks about Game of Thrones.
I’m Spanish, but I’m never going to learn to flamenco dance. I’m sorry.
Children without creativity. And to avoid this, we must change the schools.
Pursue unicorns and go to the beach in a suit and tie.
That You and me don’t have a coffe, because neither white is so white, nor is black so black. There are always whites and blacks that make us a little red.

They trust us

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